Dustin Hoffman Masterclass

18th June 2015

This June I’ve enrolled in a new online acting education with Dustin Hofmann. In total he gives 24 lessons where he shares his own experience as an actor and teaches some of the vital skills for actors alike. He teaches with the Meisner technique, through repetition, and shows how it’s possible to make a character evovle with techniques introduced by Konstantin Stanislavski and Hoffman’s former teacher, Lee Strasberg.
Each student in the masterclasses is presented with an educational program and is encouraged to work with the other students. Hoffman has sessions where he answers questions and gives response.
A closed group has also been created where we as students can share our progressions and help each other evovle.
I’m really excited to really work with these tools. I think it’s a great addition to my work and is a way of connecting to other people with the same interests. I’ll keep updating my work here on medium and talk about my findings.

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