I'm Lucas, engaged in a multiverse of architecture, music, programming, film and storytelling, I'm based in the second largest city of Denmark, namedly Aarhus. I recently worked for an architectural practice in Oslo called A-lab where I worked with a variety of projects including housing, competitions (it's hard to keep a count) and the more exclusive and secretive assignments. Shh...

Looking towards my last year of my masters at Aarhus School of Architecture I'm currently investigating habition and ways of interpreting daily activities into other kinds of experiences. It involves discoveries of old and new technologies. In addition to that I'm interested in looking into new ways of collaborating with teams and people with a variety of skills.

This is my personal site which currently rebuilding and testing stuff on, so you'll have to bear with me if things get out of hand. If curious you're more than welcome to shoot me and email or simply give me a call.

Have a pleasent day!