Hello, I am

Lucas Edwards

Design, business, and market development

Passionate about helping others do good and have helped develop a variety of projects related to digital real estate, the energy sector, carbon and community.

I am a bit of generalist, but I am lucky to have quite a bit of hands-on experience with product design, software development, organisational development, business development, urban development, marketing, sales and accounting. Originally, I completed a masters degree in architecture specialised in design driven innovation. I lived and worked in Oslo, working on some large scale urban planning projects. To name a few: Oslo’s new metro stations (Telenor Arena & Fornebu), re-development of Galleri Oslo and development of Lilleakerbyen.

Here I write and talk about some of my main interests: proptech, advances in the energy sector, finance and M&A. I share some thoughts and learnings that I’ve acquired through my work. For well over 10 years I’ve worked with business development for some of the largest, but also smallest companies, in the world. In my early 20s I opened a small consultancy and operations company which I later managed alongside my studies. I was lucky to be able to work with business development and operations for some very large corporations. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Co-owner of Kinbo

Real estate marketplace and technology for making modern real estate more inclusive, sustainable and accessible. This project started out with my brother @Oliver.

Product Developer at Doyo Group

Combining hands-on experience with design, business, culture, technology and marketing to help realise visionary projects for public benefit.

Innovation Lead at Proptech Denmark

Today my day-to-day job. I speculate about the development of proptech. Mostly from the standpoint of the Scandinavian market. My interests, however, extends to international markets. Apart from my title as an Innovation Lead, I’m also currently working the ropes to improve operations and project management in the organisation.

For key decision-makers in core real estate I offer primarily:

  • Guidance and courses (educational purposes)

  • Research and development

  • Facilitation and tailored workshops

For proptech companies my biggest contribution is:

  • Guidance about business development

  • Knowledge about product design and development

  • Thoughts about building minimal profitable products and services